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Among Us Mod Apk latest version free download

Looking for Among Us Mod Apk iOS? You want to play a fun party game with your friends, but none of the games you’ve tried are any good.

Among Us is unlike other party games. Because it’s actually fun and engaging. It’s not all about who can shout the loudest or come up with the most creative answer. Rather, it requires players to use their critical thinking skills in order to outsmart others while still maintaining an air of mystery around them!

If you’re looking for a fun social game that will have everyone talking long after playing. Then look no further than Among Us! Our story-driven narrative provides context for each round.

So that every decision feels meaningful instead of arbitrary. The gameplay itself takes less than 20 minutes per session which makes this perfect for parties or gatherings. Where people might have limited time before they need to leave.”

Sick of getting mauled by the zombies you’ve created? Want to start over fresh with another family member, but don’t want to lose their levels and skills? Well, now there’s a mod for that.

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App NameAmong Us Mod Apk
DeveloperInnersloth LLc
Size90.6 MB

Among us mod apk always imposter hack 2021 Infinite Skills Mod Apk is exactly what it says it is. It gives every character on your account access to all unlocked skills at zero points. You can raise them as high as you like, but even the highest-level characters will retain zero experience.

That means they’re not really any stronger than they were before unless you also use the Experience Multiplier mod. Which I highly recommend if you plan on using this Among us Mod Apk platinmods. My first few playthroughs went much more smoothly thanks to it.

Features of Among Us Apk

Among Us is an action RPG game with some noticeable features. The game’s story starts on the day of your escape from prison, where you are accused of murdering somebody that was close to you.

You do not remember anything about it but that does not stop the police from imprisoning you. It turns out that somebody has given them a tip saying that you did it. Now, our aim is to find this informer and bring him down as he deserves more than just being called an informer!

Among Us brings some unique features along for us to enjoy. For example, there is no map system so we will be exploring locations by using landmarks which can prove to be challenging at times since they are very few!

We also have only one weapon in our possession and that is a knife. The good thing about it is that we can use it in pretty much every situation, even for cutting down trees. As we progress through the game, we will find equipment scattered around the map which will make us stronger and give us more abilities to help us in killing enemies.

There are some bugs present in Among Us but they do not affect how the gameplay works at all. They just add some fun to the mix by making the screen shake when something explodes, for example! If you have played action RPG games before then Among Us should be an easy task for you since its controls are quite simple to understand and follow!

Among Us is a free-to-download RPG game with a lot of potentials, especially for players that love exploring locations and fighting enemies by using their fists!

More Advanced Features

Among Us Apk hack download

Among Us is an Action-Adventure and Role-Playing Game where you can:

  • Craft items to make yourself stronger!
  • Buy pets and dragons and train them to fight for you (You can also breed those!)
  • Fight huge bosses with your friends! (And die horribly)
  • Explore the world as a human, werewolf, vampire, or any of 16 playable races.
  • Complete quests to unlock more content for both single and multiplayer games.
  • Build your own worlds using the included map maker. Put it online so people from all over the world can explore your imagination!

Some of these features are already implemented in Among Us while others will be developed soon thanks to our team collaborators. For now, we’ve focused on putting into our game the basics that will allow players to have fun.

Single Player & Multiplayer Mode

Among Us offers both single-player and multiplayer modes so that every player can have fun playing however he/she likes it most! Of course, joining friends’ worlds will help a lot since they might have already obtained items otherwise impossible to find alone or just because you enjoy playing together!

You can also invite them into yours making their characters part of your world then trade stuff between each other.
You can feed your pets from a new menu available in the game. Feeding them is a wise choice since it makes them better fighters and doesn’t cost you anything!

Follow some simple rules while playing Among Us: Don’t waste time, money, or health! Find strength through new items and enchantments! Be smart when fighting bosses! Play at least 5 minutes every day to get your daily reward of 1000 gold coins if you have an internet connection 🙂 Have fun!

How to use some of Among Us mod apk features

Among Us is a cross-platform game, which means that characters and progress are saved on your device so you can play anytime anywhere! You can build worlds online with other players, share them with friends, or join theirs to explore new things together.

We’ll develop more multiplayer features in the future, but right now it’s still pretty basic. Artificial Intelligence allows for computer-controlled characters to be part of the game experience one way or another depending on what we want them to do; they can either become allies (like pets) or enemies (like monsters).

Pets are like partners that follow you around while dragons are pets with an attitude! They’ll fight for you but probably won’t listen to your orders.

All items in the game are crafted using the crafting system; they can be either normal or rare; rare items have more magical properties and can better enchantments. Of course, if too much magic is used on a single item it tends to break…

The mapmaker allows people to make their own maps which can then be downloaded by other players and explored in-game. Each player starts with creating their own map; then others can join that world or explore it themselves.

Every player has his/her private save data (between playing sessions) so maps created by others will NOT interfere with your progress, allowing you to play other people’s maps without fear.

You start Among Us with the human race, which is pretty basic and allows for a smooth learning curve as you encounter monsters and bosses on your way. Besides humans, there are sixteen playable races in the game so far including devilish ones as well as funny ones! You can change your skin anytime from the menu.

Gameplay- Among Us Apk Hack

Among Us Mod Apk download for android

The gameplay of Among Us mod apk starts when one person from among humans clicks on the start button and a map gets generated. After generating the map, he will be assigned to a specific place in the map depending upon his current position within the player’s list (explained later).

Some people may get at dead-end location while some will get near the entry. Now, he can either wait for others to join or start exploring the map by killing zombies and leveling up. The level system is not like other RPGs where it involves leveling according to your monsters killed etc.

Rather gaining levels in this game requires missions that should be accomplished only when you are alive (zombies cannot complete missions). Among us is an interesting multiplayer club selfie game for both iOS and Android devices.

Free mobile games like this consist of a lot of addictive gameplay mechanics such as swiping fast to dodge obstacles in club wars, modern graphics, audio tracks with the rise in fame level, and many more that take place inside an app entitled Among Us: A Modern-Day Superhero Story.

Among us mod apk allows you to select one superhero from among 5 unique superheroes and play in various club fights. These club fights are PVP (Player vs Player) battles where you get time-limited chances to prove yourself against your opponents by defeating them through a series of swipes within a specific window of time. The gamer who has the highest score and remains alive after the window of time is over, wins the battle.

How to Play

A Modern-Day Superhero Story comprises swipe-based movement control where you need to swipe up and down as well as left or right to dodge obstacles such as incoming missiles or club members who are also at war with you.

So, as to survive against them and defeat them by providing cleverly timed swipes. Swiping fast will result in a higher score than normal but at the same time, you should try to avoid swiping too fast since it could also lead to dropping your health which means that you would lose a fight if your health drops below a certain limit.

This limit is different for each superhero. Among us, mod apk download also features a leveling up system which takes place when you swipe your way to fame. Swiping fast enough will take the player fame points which are then used for gaining levels over time.

By collecting XP/exp orbs that are dropped after defeating any of the 5 opponents in a fight. These level-ups increase the special power meter of each superhero i.e., it’s an attack bar of sorts that allows you to use special abilities once it reaches its peak or on some other condition like swiping above a minimum number of times during the battle, etc.

Multiple Missions

Every week (in-game time), a mission gets assigned among players. You can accomplish that mission only when you are alive and other players’ status doesn’t matter for that task’s completion (explained later). Only one player can accomplish each mission while multiple people could try for different ones even if they are of the same priority.

If someone fails to accomplish a particular mission then the next person on the list will get the opportunity to accomplish it. If he fails as well then, the next person will try and so on until someone successfully accomplishes the assigned mission.

Mission’s priority depends upon its cost which is given in form of energy points (explained later). If multiple people compete for a particular mission with the same priority, then the first one to do so gets to pick it followed by other players in descending order according to their current level.

Player Vs Player Mode

Among Us Mod free download

Among Us, Mod Apk has Player Vs Player mode where players compete for scores for completing assigned missions. Anyone can join the PvP room irrespective of his level or number of missions completed. Everyone starts with 1000 Z$ and the same amount is deducted after every 30 minutes from the account even if you are not playing the game.

However, no Z$ is deducted if the player is inactive for 30 minutes. Player Vs Player mode has a variety of weapons at disposal. However, sniper rifles cannot be used in this mode as it would give an unfair advantage to players compared to other modes where everyone starts with basic weapons only.

Gameplay goes on for 20 minutes at max depending upon the assigned mission’s completion time which decreases as players complete levels. Players can also buy items using their Z$ that increase their survival chances against other players but the price increases exponentially the more they buy stuff.

The list of items includes various weapons, armors, etc. While playing PvP mode players also have the option to bet their Z$ on the specific player which is considered as a bonus if that the player ends up winning the game. At the end of each match, all players are ranked according to their scores followed by the number of Zombies killed.

The mission’s completion time taken and lastly, Z$ spent during gameplay. Ranking charts are updated every hour depicting the top 10 best players in terms of completing missions with fewer zombies killed or the least amount of money spent or the shortest playtime is taken to complete assigned tasks etc.

Among Us Mod Apk allows users to make alliances over Facebook where friends can send direct invites for PvP games against other teams made by friends/alliances.


If you’re looking for a new game to play, among us mod apk is one of the most popular and exciting games on mobile. It’s free to download and offers hours’ worth of gameplay with no ads or in-app purchases. Whether you prefer playing it alone or with friends, this game has something for everyone!

You can become an assassin and take out your targets quietly – or go headfirst into battle as a warrior armed with guns. The choice is yours! Download now from the above link today if you want more than just another casual title that’ll bore you after 10 minutes.

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