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ball blast mod apk v 1.56

Ball Blast mod apk 1.56 is an arcade game developed by famous ball game developer VOODOO with more than a million downloads worldwide.

Ball Blast apk hack is a very addictive ball game as VOODOO always develops such addictive games. Let’s take a detailed overview to know more about this game. You can download this game at the end of this page.


App NameBall Blast Mod Apk
Size51.8 Mb

Detailed Overview

Ball Blast unlimited life is a ball game in which you have to hit a ball on spherical shaped numbers, to do this you have a cannon to control where to hit from the ball.

All you have to do just tap and move and the cannon will fire automatically. Each spherical shape has a number, you have to eliminate the number to zero before they reach the ground.

Get Ball Blast mod apk hack download now and start firing with cannon and when the ball will hit on various spherical shaped numbers, these shapes will split into multiple pieces and thus divide its number too.

Ball Blast apk hack

Eliminate these numbered shapes and make sure all shapes get zero value in Ball Blast mod apk unlimited money. If you will fail to explode the spherical shapes then these numbered shapes will hit you on the ground and you will lose the game, simply saying, game over!

Every time you hit the spherical shapes, the ball will explode and its impact will destroy nearby spherical numbered objects and will give you gold coins, you can collect these gold coins on the ground. So, get Ball Blast mod apk download unlimited money, and be a part of this amazing arcade addictive game.

The main factor in this game is point score, the more spheres you destroyed the more points you will game. But be alert from incoming spheres, each sphere sometimes split into two balls and can hit you soon depends on your game level in Ball Blast mod apk unlimited life.

Your earned score determines your level, the certain score points will unlock new levels, once you will get to the next level, and the difficulties will increase. The sphere’s incoming speed will increase, its size will increase, and its volume will also increase. Get Ball Blast apk moded download now and get ready to tear down the spheres.

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Ball Blast unlimited life

As I earlier mentioned that your score will determine the level of the game. So when your level will up the difficulties will also increase. To tackle such problems developers allow you to upgrade your cannon and ball.

ball blast apk download

You can upgrade the cannon from the available in-app store. The money you collect throughout the game will help you to buy such stuff. Join now and be a part of the best ball game ever developed by the best ball game developer VOODOO.

Features of Ball Blast mod apk

  • Split spherical numbered shapes and get the score points.
  • Very addictive gameplay.
  • Hit the spheres and earn Gold and RP.
  • Unlock the next levels after certain score points.
  • Upgrade your cannon and ball to tackle at advanced levels.
  • Upgrade your guns with cool and beautiful shapes.


Ball Blast hack version is an addictive arcade ball game from famous ball game creator VOODOO. The game is so addictive as you can play the game for hours. Your mission is to hit the incoming spherical numbered shapes from your ball and eliminate them.

To do this you have the cannon by using this you can hit the spheres from the ball with more power. Hit spheres and split them in two apart, after splitting them destroy each one of the spheres and don’t let them hit on you.  Once they hit on you, the game will over and you will lose. Download the Ball Blast mod now and enjoy this addictive game.

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Download Ball Blast mod apk

You can download the Ball Blast apk hack version by accessing the download buttons below:


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