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Download free criminal case mod apk latest version on your smartphone and get unlimited energy, money and hints. Solve cases in no time.
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Criminal case mod apk is a game about hidden objects in which you will solve murder cases with your team. This game is becoming more and more popular and you will certainly love it too.

In criminal case mod apk, you are a police officer and you will have to solve riddles to find the culprit of the different crime scenes that will be presented to you.

criminal case mod apk v 2.36.4

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With the help of your teammate, look for the clues, question the suspects, have the objects analyzed in the laboratory, and find the criminals. This game is offered pretty simple.

Information Table

App NameCriminal Case Mod Apk
Size63.1 Mb
Type Adventure
Developed ByPretty Simple

Criminal case apk hacks unlimited money and cash:

In criminal case mod apk unlimited money and cash, you will get free unlimited cash and money. It will help you to solve your case quickly and you can catch the murderer.

To find unlimited money and cash you have to download the updated and latest version of criminal case mod apk unlimited money and cash from given links.

How quickly you find the clues and mystery objects will make the percentage increase faster to get a star. So, it is imperative to know where the objects are located.

[100 % working] Criminal case Apk+mod free download for android:

You can download the criminal case mod apk for android from the given links. This criminal case mod apk is 100 % working for all Android versions 4.0.3 and up. By downloading this game, you will enjoy unlimited everything without spending any money.

Criminal case mod + apk hack cheats for ios:

In criminal case mod apk, there are a series of criminal cases for all IOS platforms. It is 100 % working and free for all IOS devices like iPad, iPhones, etc. In criminal case mod apk at the top of the screen, there is a multiplier, which means that finding clues within 5 seconds will raise this multiplier.

It is therefore advisable to first find all the clues and then exploit them quickly to make the most of the situation in terms of bonuses and rewards. This will increase your overall score.

Criminal case mod apk connect to Facebook

To play criminal case mod apk you can also log in with your Facebook account. The game allows you to pick a partner from one of your Facebook friends by linking accounts or otherwise picking someone at random.

Their job is to ease your way to find a clue by providing some tips. At each crime scene, you will need to find the items to earn stars that will allow you to advance in your investigation. The faster you are, the easier you will get.

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Criminal case moded apk latest version free download

In the latest version of the criminal case mod apk, you can get unlimited money, energy, and everything free of cost to win the game easily. To download the latest version of the criminal case mod apk you are in the right place. You can download this latest updated version from the given links.

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 Best criminal case mod Apk unlimited stars

In criminal case mod apk, you will get unlimited stars. You must open your eyes to conduct your investigation and to unmask the culprit. At the beginning of the game, you are placed in front of decoration with a corpse and a multitude of specific objects that you must find.

Because of this, you should avoid any action that might deceive you and minimize bad actions. In addition, you must find hidden objects as quickly as possible and get the most points. As a result, the more points you have, the more stars you can fill.

The stars are, in a way, the currency of exchange for questioning and analyzing objects. Therefore, you will have to try in each scene to get the maximum number of stars 5. There are also scenes in the form of puzzles that you will be responsible for assembling.

Criminal case mod apk all cases unlocked:

If you are a game lover then you have to unlock all cases. To unlock all cases with great ease you just have to download the criminal case mod apk on our site from the given links.

We recommend for players who are addicted to the game to switch to more recent or new crime scenes because it may be difficult to collect more stars on older scenes. Not only will this bring you more rewards, but you can also unlock other crime scenes more quickly.

criminal case hack version download

To go back to old cases, restrictions such as the time limit and the fewer stars apply so this gives you a rather difficult time. At the end of the day, he returns to your observation and analysis techniques regardless of the level of difficulty of the case. Patience, close and careful attention to crime scenes is the way forward!

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Analyze for forensic work in criminal case mod apk:

You can find it easy if you complete the forensic work first and foremost, send some samples to the doctor during the chapters. Since this takes time, you may want to address these issues first and move on to more interesting and important things in the game. These will give you additional details to catch the killer such as the murderer’s DNA. etc.

Download criminal case mod apk cheats unlimited energy:

To solve the cases more quickly and move to the next level need unlimited energy. So, to get unlimited free energy you can download criminal case mod apk unlimited energy from given links.

The most important part of each case is, without any doubt, the time of the investigation. We have to invest our time correctly in recognizing the various aspects of the crime, from interviews with suspects to examining crime scenes.

There are many hidden or secret details that cannot be ignored to take advantage of our moments of play, and for this, it is better to make a thorough analysis to find hidden clues. The most important and revealing clues are those that are not visible to the naked eye and need a second look.

 Criminal case mod apk features

  • Examine crime scenes in a dark and corrupt city.
  • Play with your friends and become the best detective ever.
  • For evidence, you have to investigate clues and inspect samples.
  • Interview witnesses and suspects.
  • Bring the murderer to Justice.
  • Get the criminal case to hack free energy to solve the cases.
  • Obtain unlimited free coins.
  • Get unlimited free cash.
  • Perfect interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Program legit!

criminal case apk mod latest version

Criminal Case mod apk tips and tricks:

Here are some tips and tricks to play well in criminal case mod apk.

  • To earn more points, finish one scene before moving on to another, it’s effective.
  • When you finish a chapter, you are asked to do a secondary survey or move on to a chapter that follows, agreeing to do it allows you to earn more.
  • Try to get 5 stars from each mission before moving on to another chapter.
  • Make an impression of the image from your arrival on the scene and crime and copy on paint for example which allows you to memorize the places of the objects. So, finding this object will be very easy when you return to the scene.
  • Under no circumstances should you spend energy bonuses without consulting the XP bar. It must be 200 or more at least.
  • If you have a police dog, consider giving him food every 12 hours as he can find gifts at the crime scene.


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