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dragon city mod apk latest version download

If you are looking for an excellent simulation game and an online social point game, then Dragon City mod apk 2021 might be the best choice for you.

We all know that good simulations games are hard to come by, and there aren’t many of them available on the play store, but Dragon City might be your solution.

The gameplay in this app is impressive since it has a lot of things to do, like breeding dragons, collecting food from farms, and completing quests, which will ensure that you won’t get bored quickly while playing this excellent app. To top everything off, if you love playing with friends or random players, this app will allow you to do so since it also has a multiplayer mode.

Dragon city mod apk unlimited money and gems is a 5v5 action real-time MMO combat game presented by Social Point, allowing players to collect DRAGONS, train them, and fight with other dragons in the arena. Many challenges are waiting for you when playing Dragon City mod apk iOS 2021. But I believe you will be great at it. If you need more information on the game, feel free to subscribe to our site.

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App NameDragon City Mod Apk
DeveloperSocial Point
Size134 MB

Now you can download Dragon City mod apk unlimited gems 2021 game that is very interesting and fun. It offers you experience like never before because this time, you’re not just tapping to hatch but also collecting dragons, training them, and increasing their strength so they can compete with wild rivals.

There are endless ways by which you can increase your level and dominate the whole dragon city realm. You can win many competitions and beat other users in the combat arena.

It would help if you needed a good and powerful phone to play this game. It takes a lot of memory space and rams to work appropriately without lagging or to hang during different

tasks such as breeding, hatching eggs, and resolving conflicts between dragons. Etc There is many mods available for this game (i.e., Dragon city unlimited coins, gems, food.etc.).

Dragon City Craft How to Get Maximum Food Capacity

When it comes to breeding dragons for food purposes, you need to make sure they always produce food like bread or cake at least after every 5 minutes of real-time. Otherwise, your city will slow down too much because there is not enough food production capacity.

So, I suggest you upgrade your dragon’s health (Eggs) as high as possible with gems. This action is significant though it takes more than 30 days with an eggs upgrade. You can get about 100 maximum capacity per egg which is better than nothing!

One More Thing

Let’s talk about the breeding system because it is essential. Once you click on the breed button, it will take 1 minute for ditto or twin to make babies based on their style. So be patient until their babies are born! Another critical point to note is that you can also use dragons in battle.

There are two modes in this game, PvP, and PvE. In PvP mode, you enter a battle arena where you will face other users who have reached player level 20 or above. You could play the PvP mode before getting level 20, but it would be tough. It is because your dragons will not be equipped with skills for battles until they reach level 20.

Skills add more depth and fun to the gameplay. In Dragon City, your goal is to raise your dragons. Hence, they become stronger and unlock new abilities such as breathing fire on enemy monsters, using glow energy to heal allies, and many more exciting moves, which make battles more exhilarating than ever!

Because of the incredible skills, you will want to use your dragons in action, and the only way to achieve this is by entering a PvP mode where they can fight against other players.

Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything Features

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Cute & Cool Dragons that breed and evolve into deadly Dragon army. Battle with friends’ dragons or capture them for battle! Collect over 200 kinds of dragons! Race to be the first player who collects all sorts of dragons. Variety of habitats for dragon breeding and evolution! Build up island resorts to attract more wild dragons!

Expand your collection by buying islands around the world map. Upgrade buildings on your island for more gold production, rarer eggs, increased dragon’s attack/defense/health! Trade with other players via the Auction House!

Play mini-games to win special rewards, unique dragons, and free gold! Join Dragon City’s events for a chance to win exclusive dragons! Participate in the Castle Clash events by playing the popular mobile game Castle Clash.

With over 5 million downloads worldwide, this RPG strategy game is bound to give you plenty of challenges. Be rewarded with fantastic prizes that will help you grow your dragon city even faster!

  • Get Unlimited Gems
  • Unlock all dragons (All Regions)
  • Easier to breed rare dragons
  • Easy Leveling up
  • All Regions Unlocked! (This will allow you to travel around the regions)
  • Join The Battle Against Players Around the World in Arena
  • Tap & Swipe Your Way
  • To Become the Best Breeder, Collect Hundreds of Dragons and Expand Your Collection
  • No Internet Connection Required to Play Even After First Launch
  • Original Graphics, Multi-Language Support, Free to Play!
  • Unique Social Features: Trade & Battle Directly with Your Friends!

Upgrade Food Buildings

Whenever You Can: I think this trick is evident because many players cannot forward without enough food-building capacity. At least keep on producing the food buildings whenever you get free gems. In any case, you should get more gems if you have food buildings because the dragons will be created automatically.


This game is a fundamental trick; we all know that we need to upgrade our buildings to make them effective and efficient in producing food and other Dragon City Craft items. But it takes a lot of time, like days or weeks, depending on how many things we build simultaneously.

I think the best way is to plan about when your city will grow up; then you can upgrade buildings smoothly without obstructing each other. For example, if every building takes only one real-time day for upgrading, then put 30 days between each of them.

So that they do not obstruct upgrading each other. Think of it as a human being or any living thing who lives one month and dies after that. I think the most crucial part of this game is to breed dragons properly.

If you feed them poorly, they will die sooner than you think. Yes! It’s true because I have seen many kinds of people who cannot grow up in their city because of lack of food and poor breeding system. So, what are the tricks?

Breed Special Dragons

If possible, try to breed dragons with two different types to produce more food for your city dragon craft. The best way is to choose those dragons which give twin babies, like Reed Waddle Thorpe, Eagle, and Umberto.

What’s New in Version

dragon city mod apk v 12.6.7 download

Huge update featuring new breeding combinations, rare dragons, new quests & more! – Collect massive amounts of gold quickly with the enormous amounts of golden rocks throughout the world map – Upgrade your storage buildings so you can hoard even more treasures – Need extra space?

Expand your island to make room for more buildings! – Fill your city with castles, towers, eggs, and gold – new dragons are available in the market. Created users develop their particular island, collecting dragons bought from the real estate agent referred to as Dragon Merchant.

Acquiring a lot of islands could have players progress inside tournament occasions along with other gamers. The game is more straightforward while you mature Dragons cash each time they accomplish daily routines or perhaps while these people battle it out through PVP fights against “perfect friends” and random participants.

The greater degree of energy that you’ve got accumulated around your dragons, the higher your likelihood of success in opposition to different armies. You can find an array of Dragons that players can realize with most versions of the game.

Generally, there are four different types that you will most likely pick up, including Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. As soon as you have got amassed sufficient coins, it’s also possible to purchase magic in addition to golden rocks so that dragon city cheats grow even more quickly than usual.

Take care of your fiery dragons

Train, feed, and take care of your dragons to get them more robust and into epic battles to get more fame than others. Dragons come in different kinds with different kinds of strengths and powers that will beat every opponent easily. When they become strong enough, you can put your dragon in the arena to fight against other users from all over the world.

Build a beautiful city

Build a city where dragons live and grow so they won’t lack anything at all: water, food, or even entertainment for kids! Be ready to win wars against other competitors who seek glory too. Make alliances with friends so you can face more vigorous opponents together and trounce them. Your partnership will be stronger if you log in with Facebook, so you can play with people who are close to you too.

Train your dragons

The most important thing about Dragon City is training your dragons and making them strong enough for epic battles. You will have to level up your dragon by feeding it with food or water or even cleaning it when it’s dirty because a healthy dragon will grow better and stronger than ever before!

Feeding also gives a unique ability that depends on what you feed the dragon with. Train all of your dragons and keep only the best fighters out there!

Breed new species

Breeding new species is another beautiful feature that makes Dragon City cute. To breed a new kind of dragon, you need two breeds to meet and cross-breed to get a new dragon. There are different breeds like fire dragons, ice dragons, nature dragons, and many more!

The breeding process is simple: you need two parents (a male one and a female one) to have babies together. To breed faster, feed your dragons with food or water so they can mate more quickly.

Fight epic wars against other players

Wars are necessary for Dragon City because you will have to fight hard for them to become the strongest competitor. Get ready to fight against strong opponents who seek glory too by creating their cities with dragons!

You can either attack yourself or sit back and wait for them to get closer. You can decide the war location and the arena. The stronger your opponent is, the better war you will have!

Complete different missions

dragon city apk download

In Dragon City mod apk unlimited everything latest version 2021, other tasks give you a prize for completing them successfully! To achieve an assignment, you need to be fast, intelligent, and patient enough because some will take more time to complete than others.

Every completed task brings three stars so you can check how good or bad it went by getting the most significant reward possible. These quests are available every day and give substantial prizes like money, food, gold bars, and more!

Visit other players’ cities

Joining an alliance gives another excellent opportunity: visiting other people’s cities! You can see all other members in your current partnership and check out their dragons, food, or even their gold bars. If you want to use some of it, you can steal it from them! Firstly, to visit another city, you need an open spot in your alliance so other players can join.

Check the news feed

Dragon City mod apk latest version offers a daily news feed that will give you essential information about all kinds of events and updates that happened recently and might interest you as well! It is beneficial to keep yourself updated with everything going on at Dragon City because there are lots of things happening every day, and new updates are released constantly! Don’t miss anything related to the game!

Claim your bonuses

Claiming bonuses is easy, and it doesn’t take time at all. If you want to claim new bonuses, firstly, you need to visit the shop and click on “claim your rewards.” You need to wait for a certain period so that Dragon City can send them to you automatically. The period depends on how big or small the bonus is!

Connect with other devices

If you play Dragon City via Facebook, Google Play games, Congregate, or even your browser, you don’t have to start from scratch because you can connect any of these platforms and transfer your progress just by logging in! It is very cool because it will save some time and give another excellent opportunity to play with people who play via Facebook and enjoy social interactions together!

How to Download and Install Dragon City MOD APK (Step-by-step)

First of all, you need to download the installation file of the game. You can find it on google by searching for “Dragon City MOD APK. ”

  • Now, install the downloaded file (APK) on your phone (don’t open it).
  • After successful installation, go to app menu –> locate Dragon City icon –> tap on it & play.

Dragon City Craft plays an exciting part in this game. It is an exciting game where you have to develop your city with dragon breed, fight for the world’s power, and get more gems. To start this game, you have to collect food about ten times.

Then you will see that it is possible to build your world by getting more gems, food after a few sessions of time. You can win this game easily if you use tricks of the trade.

Download Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Gems 2021

Just click on the download button and download the dragon city mod apk latest version. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the apk.


Dragon City Mod is a social network game for all ages and skill levels. It’s fun, interactive, and has no violence or inappropriate language so that anyone can play it at any time! As you play the game, your dragons will grow stronger as they fight with other players across the world.

And when your dragon reaches level 20, he’ll turn into an epic dragon-like Thunderstorm or Lightning Bolt to help defend against those tough battles that come up from time to time. Become one of our newest heroes today and join in on this adventure!

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