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Free download the latest version of the prison escape mod apk for your device and get unlimited money and gold. Feel and face thrilling moments with mod.
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prison escape mod apk

Prison escape mod apk, the new prison escape mod apk unlimited money, and gym. The most popular jailbreak games have been taken on by the trusted ROM developers and are now brought to you as an official game in which you can experience jailhouse escape.

Escape from prisons, designed for mobile phones with system requirements – Android 2.3+ and iOS 5+. Get ready to move the joints and create a series of situations in which you will have to find a way out of the cell. Unlike other escape games, our project combines action and exploration, allowing players to freely choose their path.

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App NamePrison Escape Mod Apk
DeveloperWords Mobile
Size23 MB

Fly from Prison and Be Free

Are you ready to discover a whole new world? Escape from prison and find freedom! This game lets you feel like a hero and get through various challenges and fights. You need to fight off enemies by using different weapons, such as axes, knives, pistols, and others. How will you escape from the prison? We will give you hints that can help you survive on the way out of prison.

Escape from Prison is a mod of the popular game Escape from Prison and has been developed by Holidays Games. In prison escape 2022 mod apk, you are going to escape from prison and find freedom.

Gamers require some knowledge about the correct password to open the safe room. Be careful to keep yourself undetected here because a certain section of the place contains high-security cameras which can follow your movements around there. You can play this game on your Android smartphones or tablets or Windows PC devices.

Background of the Story

Escape from the prison island using all your skills! Use what you have, because it’s going to be dangerous. You are trapped in a small space, with only a little water and no food. There is a limited amount of time before the guards return to search for more prisoners, so you will have to work fast! You need only one thing that they can steal from you because they have all of them but you. Don’t get caught by the police!

Now that you have escaped from prison, you need to find your way to the new city of freedom. But remember, never trust anyone and always be on the move yourself. You can live a better life for yourself in this new world so why shouldn’t you? Be careful, because even though it may seem like there is no one out there to hurt you, who knows what else could suddenly appear from behind! So remember: keep moving!

Actions in the Game

JAil break and be free game

Take on the role of a prison escapee in this thrilling mobile game, and try to destroy prison guards, inmates, and other obstacles along the way before they find and stop you. Test your skills as an inmate in several levels, during which you’ll have to run, drive cars, open doors and attack enemies with your cellmate gun. Can’t figure out how to escape from prison? No problem – we’ve got a solution for you!


Escape from jail is the most charming and addictive jail escape game. Prison escape mod pk hack download will let you escape through the prison wall with an iron bar. The awesome weapons of our game help you to escape from your cell.

You used to be a blind hostage, but you woke up from the prison escape mod apk. But you were captured by the police. Now you need to get out of this place and avoid the police.

Your only weapon is your hands to attack enemies. To move forward, tap on the screen or drag anywhere. Don’t worry about enemies because they will die after one hit. Don’t hesitate, destroy all enemies and reach new levels to get more rewards for your skills.

Characters of the Game

A game about a murderer who tries to escape from prison. The game is set in the US and oddly enough, your character is some type of criminal. The hero can use various objects to create traps for guards and hide from them while they try to track him down. Free version features 12 levels, 6 locations (all in the US), multiple guard types and upgrades, and several weapons and tools that can be used against prisoners.

Graphics and Sounds

This game has high graphics and sound quality. Escape from prison does not have the same graphics as other games. The geometry of the world makes it look more like a painting, but it looks great. Similarly, the animations and characters show good detail and expressiveness. Also, the game supports full-screen mode for your Christmas holiday.

Escape from the prison with a single touch! Use the arrows on your phone to move around the level and solve puzzles. The Escape from the prison with a single touch! Use the arrows on your phone to move around the level and solve puzzles. Guide yourself through this maze, without getting caught!

Download prison escape mod apk is an escape game where you are trapped in scary prison walls. You have to be quick to find solutions. Try this endless game and escape from the monster’s clutches by killing them all! If you like these games, you will surely love our other games too!


Handle the prison escape mod apk with a variety of inputs, which have been set up in a way that you can easily handle it. In many situations, this can be found on the video game console given to you by your friend, or on your mobile phone.

Game Play

prison escape hack apk

Hidden object game Escape from the Broken Heart. A detective asked you to find her mother, who is missing and kidnapped by a crime boss from Novosibirsk. To save your mother, you have to move through the safe house introducing criminal bosses, killers, and other ugly persons who need to be eliminated.

There are many dangerous obstacles on the way for the hero of the game and traps in which he can become a victim. In addition, it will help ghosts and various lost souls trapped in urns and vases that you may encounter when playing this game. Escape from Prison is a new escape game from the Ketchapp team.

It is a visual novel-style escape game, with innovative gameplay and original puzzles. Escape from Prison is an awesome mix of both the visual novel genre and the platformer genre. Each level has its unique puzzles and challenges. You will discover hidden clues throughout each environment that lead you on a search for the exit door, or sometimes to complete an objective such as finding a key or a surprise! Do your best to search every corner of each level looking for an extra rescue ticket!

Main Features of the Game

Grand jail prison escape mod apk is a new experience where you have to get out of prison by finding the needed items, hidden objects, and by finding clues. It is an exciting game that will keep you engaged until the end. You can get new shoes, clothes, or weapons in this game so your character looks different every time you play it.

If you’re reading this, then you must be searching for escape games mods. In this article, we bring to you all details about Escape Prison: EGO Edition Mod Apk Free Download that includes features and other features of the game. The app is a kind of game to escape from prison. There are 6 levels in one app, and the level is different from each other.

You should use your smart skills to survive and run away! Also, you can earn money according to your result at each level. You will get more points for completing tasks quickly, avoiding obstacles, or helping other prisoners. Apart from that, there are different kinds of weapons you can use to remove enemies on the way! Use them well and beat them down!

How to Play

Escape from prison in this cool prison escape game. You need to break free from the prison and find a way out of the place, keep alive and fight against enemies. Experience an amazing adventure in this magical world of escape games.
Escape your prison cell by collecting clues, solving puzzles, and escaping through the many traps set up by the warden and guard. The first few levels are complete walkthroughs, but after that, you unlock full gameplay.

How to Install

prison escape mod apk free download

I’m sure you have been living for a long time without any problems, but now you need to change your lifestyle. You can’t just sit at home and do nothing with your life. Today’s life is full of dangers, robberies, and other crimes. To escape from these situations, you need to get an application that allows you to create a new life! Escape from the Prison mod is an amazing platform that allows users to create new games; they can download different mods and addons that are dedicated to making their game more interesting.


Prison escape latest mod apk is a fairly easy game when you start it, but it becomes increasingly difficult because the level of obstacles increases with each level. You will have to use many skills and tactics such as getting rid of bad guys and avoiding obstacles while running away from them to complete your mission successfully.

Similarly, the Escape from the Prison looks very much like a standard 2D side-scrolling adventure game, although obviously, it has some RPG elements in there. The story follows a mighty warrior who has been captured by some nasty bad guys, who have trapped him within a prison and are planning to extract every last drop of information about their assailants that he knows.

To do this, they just leave him alone for several days to rot away as punishment. So, it is up to our hero to use his wits and skills against these foes and break out at any cost! This game is mostly centered around combat, but also comes with some platform sequences set in typical fantasy environments where you will have to guide your protagonist through tricky situations while defeating enemies using either your sword or magical abilities!


Escape from prison is the most successful puzzle game ever. The plot of this game is situated in a special zone, which was locked down by the government for some reason. The only way to escape is to find hidden keys and solve various puzzles. Do you have what it takes to bring back freedom?


The conclusion of this study shows that the new Escape Room Apk makes the most significant impression on the user experience. The ease of connecting to the game and keeping track of its difficulties was found to be very worth it. With this new mod apk, players would feel more focused and empowered as they complete different levels in such an interesting manner as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the latest version of EscapeMax2?

The latest version is 1.0.1 and the total install count of this game is more than 10 million.

2. Which operating system(s) are supported by EscapeMax2?

This game supports Android and iOS devices, so it works fine on both platforms.

3. Does prison Escape have any in-app purchases?

No, there are no in-app purchases for EscapeMax2 because it is a freemium puzzle game that does not require any purchase at all.

4. How do I get rid of ads when playing EscapeMax2?

You can disable the Ad Button feature by going into Settings > Block ads and settings.

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