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Download free 10 amazing roommate finder apps which will assist you to find the best room fellow. Find rooms, apartments, and roommates.
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roommate finder apk latest version

The roommate finder app is an amazing app that makes you able to find the rooms, shared rooms, roommates, apartments of your own choice. Spending life alone is not an easy thing to do especially in a hostel when you are far away from home and living in an unknown place. There must be someone with whom you can share your joy, sorrow, fun, and freedom. Living alone in a separate home often brings you illness, anxiety, and depression.

Sharing time with others makes your life better. You learn to understand people’s behavior. It develops a sense of humor in your personality and makes you cooperative. Living away from home is often seems difficult but this difficulty can be made easy if you find anyone else with whom you can live with.

The issue is resolved with the development of roommate finder apps by which you can find your roommates. These apps are location-based and help you to find roommates according to your interest.

Best Roommate Finder Apps

Find a roommate with these apps, share your room with others and divide the overall rent. Having roommates not only splits rent but also utilities and other things. You will find good friends by sharing your room and there will always be someone with whom you can talk.

So, check these room-sharing apps and make your moments more enjoyable while living abroad in a hostel or apartment.

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FlatFit- Find rooms and roommates

flatfit apk-roommate finder

In this, you can find rooms and roommates according to your interest and preferences. Download the app for free and check the available room or compartment in your desired place.

After the selection of the location, you can add your preferences there. The app will calculate percentage compatibility with which you can easily find mates.

If you have any spare room available, you can also use the same application and find guests for it. This application is location-based and needs proper instructions for better working.

Using the FlatFit roommate finder app, you can save money and time and find roommates according to your interest. You can also talk to them personally and let each other know about hobbies, interests, and activities. Sharing a room or compartment saves expenses and you would have fewer burdens to afford.

You will find your roommates very soon utilizing the FlatFit app.

Badi- Find Roommates & Rent Rooms

Badi apk-Find roommate

The easiest way of finding roommates is now using ‘Badi’ apps. You can select your room, furniture, cupboards, curtains, and other accessories accordingly. Install the app for free and add your criteria in which you can tell others about your requirements and interest.

You can also find guests for your spare rooms by using the same application. Put an ad on the app and enter details that are required of you. You can also talk to your roommates directly with this application. Request for finding rooms and select your roommates according to your choice.

The application is working for free and has a user-friendly interface. You can select the location of your living place before searching for rooms.

SpareRoom UK- Flatmate, Room & Property Finder

spareroom apk for androids

The application is designed to find rooms and roommates at the desired place. You need to install the application and search for the place where you want to live. You can also search roommates for your room by adding details related to the mode.

Sharing room with other partners releases some of the money stress and also provides you good company. The application is working smoothly to meet your needs.

You can also give feedback to the roommates and flat owners as the option is available at the bottom of the home screen to find which one is the best option for you.

Roommate Finder

roommate finder apk for android

Roommate finder is the app where you can find compatible roomies very easily. Install the app for free and check who is available for living in the area corresponding to you. In the app, you can see what other people are looking for.

You can also add your interests and choices so that you can easily find your partner. Talk to them personally via the same application and discuss living style and interests.

This discussion will develop a better understanding between two partners before they join each other. The roommate finder apk free download is free to install the app and it is easy to use. The application requires an internet connection for work.


Roomie apk-roommates

The application is made to find suitable places for you to live in. You can find flats, rooms, compartments and desired places through it. The app provides you brief details with the help of a map, pictures, and directions so that you can easily find your place.

You can also find roommates and talk to them by it. The app has brief descriptions related to your living place. You can decide rent, a shared amount of money with a roommate, the condition of the apartment, and everything that you want to know.

It has a user-friendly interface and provides free services.

Roomster- Roommates & Rooms

roomster apk latest version

Make your account either by using an app or by simply log in with Facebook to join Roomster app. You can find roommates and rooms using the same application. Find people who want to live in rental apartments and offer them your spare place.

Take a step towards making money and help your economy using this application.

You can search for roommates according to your preference and interest and live with them. The working and installation of this app are free and it is easy to use to find mates for you.


Roomi apk

This is a multi-featured application. You can find roommates for your apartment by this app. Download the app for free and make your account in which you can add details related to your interests. This will help you to find people more easily.

The application is working with a user-friendly interface and having many other beneficial features. For example, you watch movies by joining the library of this smart app. There are many offers available with a discount to meet your needs.

From the menu to tour details, everything is present within the app from where you can select and enjoy.

Roomi- Roommate Finder Apk

Share your place with partners using the Roomi app. You can find the best suitable places for living by this app. Install the application for free and make your account by signing in with any other social account. You can add your preferences for finding roommates.

Also, learn about their activities and interests and let them know about yourself on Roomi. You can talk to your roommates personally and select the place which is suitable for you both.

You can also ask questions about the app’s offers and live at your desired place comfortably.

Roof- Home, sweet Home

roof home apk download free

‘Roof’ app is a suitable place where you can do everything related to your living place. Find roommates of your interest and share your area with them to share the burden. Send requests to the landlord via the app if any repair is required.

Share your bills, expenses, and other paid works with your roommates using the app. it is a multi-featured app and designed to consider all your requirements and needs.

Homies- Find Roommates & Rooms

Homies apk roommate finder

The application is providing you services for free. Make your profile using the app and additional details related to your interest to find roommates. You can offer your free rooms and apartments on rent using this app.

You can talk directly to the roommates via the messaging system of the app. Find people of your interest for free by the app and share their place with them.

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