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shadow fight 3 mod apk v 1.25.7 download

Want to have fun with shadow fight 3 mod apk unlimited everything and max level? We all know that mobile gaming is the future, but finding new games is not always easy.

There are hundreds of thousands of games out there, and finding a good one can feel like a lottery. You spend hours searching for something you might enjoy, only to end up with a game that feels more like work than fun.

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk titan – The third installment in the series offers an engaging combat system with tons of weapons and armor sets and multiple fighting styles per character class.

If this isn’t enough for you, check out our list of modes, including multiplayer PvP fights where you can challenge other players online! And if even THAT doesn’t sound interesting, then how about we throw in some RPG elements?


App NameShadow Fight 3 Mod Apk
Type Action
Size117.6 MB

Shadow fight is a role-playing action game for mobile devices. There are two modes of play – story mode and challenge mode. In a story mode, you have to complete about one hundred quests of three challenges each.

For example, you will need to kill all opponents or protect some characters from enemies’ attacks during a specific period. In the end, you receive rewards such as new weapons, armors, or experience points. But the main goal is to win each battle and become the strongest fighter.

The game has a classic fighting system that makes all actions very dynamic and highly entertaining. You control your character with two buttons – tap on them to hit an opponent or defend yourself from the enemy’s attack.

Similarly, You will notice that your character’s movements are very smooth and fluid when playing this game. You can’t identify any broken or laggy animation because everything looks great visually, which is one of the advantages of playing on a mobile device.

The controls are also pretty simple to learn since you only need two fingers (tap the screen) to control what your character does in shadow fight 3 mod apk special edition.

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A Fairy Tale

Shadow Fight 3 is a fairy tale about a father who wanted to give his daughter everything she wanted, but eventually, all that beauty turned into vanity and pride. Children became tools; friends became enemies, and she no longer trusted family members.

Everything started with a bit of seed of jealousy. And now the main character has to remember how it all began if he can survive! You can play as every fighter in the world! There are over 50 characters to choose from right now – each one has a unique fighting style, skills, and superpowers.

Sneak around enemies, perform powerful counter-attacks and build your combos to destroy your foes! Discover unique fighting styles: play as a brawler with Tyson, a wrestler with Ramon, or use Hayato’s katana dual wield! Or maybe you’d prefer to be a deadly ninja-like Futo?

Every character has its strengths and weaknesses – pick the one that suits you best! From the very beginning of the game, you will notice stunning visuals. Fight in detailed environments full of interactive objects that will help you defeat your enemies. Enjoy almost one hundred different combat animations, most of them made only for specific characters.

Shadow Fight 3 is an action-RPG title, where you take control over a character and fight your way through hordes of enemies. The game features hand-drawn graphics, simple possession (press left/right mouse buttons to attack), lots of unique moves for each hero (which can be upgraded), and three different attributes that influence the gameplay. This game claims as one of the most anticipated Facebook games that are coming in 2017.

Shadow Fight 3 mobile version – what’s new?

 shadow fight 3 hack latest version

The significant difference between mobile and PC games is that shadow fight 3 mod apk mobile comes with simplified gameplay. For instance, there’s only one type of currency instead of two; no weapon or armor upgrades; simplified crafting system; simplified skill tree; and simplified quests.

The most noticeable difference is the combat system. In shadow fight 3 mod apk unlimited money and gems, you automatically attack your enemies when they get close and stop attacking when you move away from them (there’s no such thing as combo attacks).

There are minimalistic controls, where you only need to tap on the screen to dodge or use a unique ability. Also, there’s no blocking ability in this game – you can only avoid incoming attacks. Another critical difference is that Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk level 52 max unlimited money has different boss fights than the PC version.

For example, in the PC version of Shadow Fight, 2 boss fights were more complex and required some strategy while playing, whereas in Shadow Fight 3 hack Apk, all bosses have static moves which you can learn and counter.

Shadow Fight 2 mobile vs. Shadow Fight 3 mobile

You should know that both mobile games are not linked in any way, so there’s a chance for them to have different storylines. Also, it wouldn’t be fair to compare two games as they were for other purposes in mind – Shadow Fight 2 was created as a companion to the game’s PC version.

While shadow fight 3 mod apk is an entirely new title built from scratch. In general, one cannot say that shadow fight 3 mod apk latest version is better or worse than its predecessor. They’re just two different titles that share a few things in common (and those are mostly related to characters and their unique abilities).

One of the benefits of playing the mobile version is that it doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to run; all you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone. Also, you can play the game offline (you can play a single-player campaign without being connected to the internet) if you enable it in in-game settings.

How to hack Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk?

There are lots of hacking tools available which you can use to modify your game. Some require root access (rooted devices allow users to make changes on the OS level). Others don’t. You can find a list of working hacks for Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk obb offline simply by searching it.

Keep in mind that most of those hacks are not hosted on reliable sources. So make sure to check their authenticity before downloading them onto your device. There are many similarities in the shadow fight 3 disable enemy current installment with its predecessors.

The game is made in a three-dimensional system and is entirely built based on battles between two people who can fight each other one on one or in teams.

Most Significant Advancement in Shadow Fight 3

 shadow fight 3 download 2021

Shadow Revolution apk is that now battles will be held in real-time. Before, there was a particular pause in all moves when you controlled your character, but now everything happens directly before our eyes.

Another innovation is the introduction of new types of characters called Masters, which we also encountered in “Walking Dead: Road to Survival.” Now we can get them with different equipment and apply them to the specializations that suit us best.

You can find many kinds of weapons in this game, for example, swords, axes, knives, sticks, and scythes. Each of these items has a unique character and a specific place in a fight. For example, swords are good at attacking from a distance and fast attacks.

Axes have more power, but they have a smaller range of attack. Knives are for auxiliary weapons during fights with long-range opponents. Sticks allow you to use combos with each hit, as well as scythes, because they enable you to deal damage from afar. In Shadow Fight 3 apk mod hack full unlocked and titan mode, you can make weapons from gold coins or crystals gained after successful fights against other players.

It is worth noting that we will not be able to use any armor in this game, and the only way to increase our damage or defense is to buy something special called “artifacts.” These are small objects that you can wear after acquiring them during various fights, for example, a ring of regeneration, a round of power, etc.

Due to such artifacts, we can get valuable bonuses such as health point regeneration every few seconds, protection from all types of damage, and so on.


And now let’s talk about the battles themselves — they became much more intense than before. You need to pay attention to your character and your opponent, who will fight with you directly and try to take advantage at any moment and attack you aggressively.

To control your character, you can use both a joystick and the buttons on the screen. When one of your fingers holds down the screen, you can block attacks or attacks. Another finger will allow you to change weapons or just run around on the battlefield.

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk highly compressed download will enable you to play only in single-player mode against strong AI opponents. Many types of them have different levels of intelligence, but playing against real players is not possible here at all. And now, let’s talk about what awaits us in this game apart from duels with various NPCs.

We will find unique arenas where we fight with several real players at once, which allows us to get more gold coins thanks to increased competition for survival points on the battlefield. In addition, it is possible to join a guild and enter team battles together with your friends so that you all get more rewards.

The Game Play of Shadow Fight 3

 shadow fight 3 mod apk latest version free download

Game is one of the most popular games in history. It’s the third version of the shadow fight game with many improvements in graphics and gameplay. Shadow fight 3 is a single-player game, but it makes online challenges possible using Internet connectivity on Android devices.

It has a location-based feature, too, which helps players easily make real-time challenges for more fun and excitement. New features are part of the gameplay of shadow fight 3 mod apk unlimited everything and max level.

According to their skills and abilities, characters have new maneuver abilities for punching, kicking, blocking opponent’s blows, etc. Players can unlock these new combat moves by earning experience points during battles won in different modes available in the game. There are over 120 unique opponents successfully defeated so far in all modes.

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk download

Here’s the method that will allow you to download shadow fight 3 mod apk highly compressed from alternative sources other than the official.

To install unofficial mods of Shadow Fight 3, you have to ‘sideload’ them onto your device, meaning that they won’t be distributed through official stores – thus being untraceable by their security systems. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Disable anti-virus software if you’re using any (it might block mod files, and you won’t be able to install them);
  2. Download Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk + Data file from the link.
  3. Open the downloaded apk file with a file manager of your choice.
  4. Install shadow fight apk hack. If you get an error saying that this app is not for your device, then:
  5. Enable the ‘Unknown sources’ option in Settings –> Security –> Device administration menu. It will allow you to install apps that come from non-official sources. Keep in mind that this option comes enabled by default on most Android devices;
  6. Try installing shadow fight 3 mod apk once again.


If you’re looking for a fighting game that will keep your attention and doesn’t feel like it takes forever to level up, Fight 3 mod apk latest version is the following way. It has RPG elements in it, so if you want something with more than just punching and kicking, then this might be what you need to try at least once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to get free gems or coins?

There is no real magic trick that would give you free gems or coins unless you use the tools I mentioned before. However, you may purchase them with real money.

Do I need an internet connection for playing shadow fight 3?

You do not need any additional tools or apps to play with shadow fight 3 mod apk. However, if your device is an android phone, you may experience some problems when trying to install this game as it requires a lot of space.

If that happens, delete unnecessary files, which you probably won’t need, or switch to the iOS platform instead since it provides more free memory than Android.

How many chapters does the story mode have in shadow fight 3?

Three different modes, five difficulty levels, and three heroes are enough for anyone who wants to try this game 🙂 Apart from the story mode, there are also two survival modes and an arena. The game itself is exciting, so once you start playing it, I am sure that you won’t be able to stop 🙂

Is there any shadow fight 3 hacks?

We have already mentioned that the only tool that may help get extra gems or coins is their shadow fight 3 mod apk. Apart from that, there are no additional hacks for this game that you can use.

Is it better to play shadow fight 3 offline or online?

Melee players (like myself) should play this game in the single-player mode to improve their score and grab higher ranks. It is not easy to beat other players if you are not experienced with this game. So I recommend checking out our tools and playing in single-player mode until you feel comfortable.

How do I get shadow fight 3 coins and gems faster?

I recommend rising in the leaderboards so other players would notice you – most of them are willing to trade gems for coins. If you feel more confident playing with other people, then there is no problem with doing so as well 🙂

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