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Free download here the latest version of the Tekken 4 Apk on your device and defeat your enemy with the most updated weapons in your arsenal.
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tekken 4 apk Latest version

A martial art fighting game, Tekken 4 apk is the fourth installment in the popular fighting franchise. Tekken 4 introduces a new character, Jin Kazama (the son of Ogre from the previous Tekken games), as well as specials such as Rage Art and Rage Burst.

Tekken 4 is the premium arcade fighting game that combines the best elements of fighting games, wrestling, and action movies to create one adrenaline-pumping experience. With high-quality graphics, stunning effects, realistic physics, and an unlimited number of unique moves, Tekken 4 provides an unmatched experience with each match!

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App NameTekken 4 Apk
Size27.03 MB
DeveloperRoger Games

Features of Tekken 4 Apk

This game is a furious one. The classic street fighter tournament returns with a fresh face and lots to prove. With Tekken 7, all fighters feel more responsive, with faster and smarter fighting mechanics that add a new layer of depth to the fight experience.

  • 3D graphics and fighting action
  • Stunning 3D graphics and characters
  • Diverse skills and special moves
  • Dojo battles
  • Play as Ryu as he takes on a variety of new challenges
  • Tag Team Mode allows friends to play together via Bluetooth or local play
  • Encounter new moves and combos by combining characters’ special attacks, dodges, and supers Unlock hidden characters like King which can be used to battle in story mode against Devil and Evil Ryu.

New Characters

T4 download

In the latest installment of the Tekken series, players will be able to choose from over 200 fighters, including new and returning favorites. Additionally, players can customize their characters’ movements using additional DLC packs. The game’s characters are a mix of Mortal Kombat’s array of fighters and Street Fighter’s style.

Each character comes with a Special Attack, Super Attack, and a Focus Attack. The characters include Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Juri, Rashid (Gold), and Blanka (he cannot use electrical attacks or air attacks).

HD Graphics

Enjoy HD graphics and full-screen support on your Android device with HD Graphics. karate dodge on the streets, and quickly! Prepare yourself for an exciting fighting Tekken 4 apk download for pc game that speaks a completely new language.

Throw hundreds of punches and kicks without fail, based on the science of “Muscle Memory”. You will be able to launch hip attacks with a single button press. The upper body has been specially optimized to allow you to use the reverse punch or throw while flying in the air! Infinite combos at your fingertips!

Amazing Gameplay

Enjoy the amazing gameplay of the latest fighting game, Tekken. Be a part of epic battles between stunning characters and compete against other players in this free ranking mode that lets you challenge your friends. Enjoy the action in a 3D arena, against your opponent. Tap the screen to perform special moves, and block when you feel the opponent is attacking. 10 versus one! Prepare for a battle royale!


Each character has a unique speed and strength. As the game progresses, you’ll need to strategically use your skills, learn new moves or try different combinations of attacks to win each match. You can easily adjust the controls on the touch screen and check out various characters!

Adventure Mode

In this mode, you fight through stages and bosses, unlocking characters as you go. Once you’re finished with the story mode, there are challenges to take on. These tests are pretty entertaining, incorporating elements from all of the game’s many battlegrounds and boss battles. Explore an exotic world filled with unique characters and unexpected treasures. Experience firsthand what it truly means to be a hero in Tokyo, as you battle your way through this monstrous city against an army of demons.

Story Mode

Tekken 4 features a Story Mode that spans 18 chapters. The game revolves around Kazuya and his rivalry with Paul Phoenix, who is always trying to steal his father Hibachi’s attention from him. The story mode allows you to play a variety of matches and even train against other characters to advance through the ranks and eventually have an online match with any character. The game mode is a fairly simple one, allowing players to customize their avatar, as well as customize certain aspects of their character’s move set.

Arcade mode

Feel the real arcade battle experience with Tekken 4 apk download ppsspp Arcade Mode! Play against live opponents or play against AI enemies and custom settings to enjoy this game even more. Enjoy the fiery action as you battle it out with others online! Watch your opponents burn and use their leftover ashes to further your knowledge of new fighting moves. Real-time battles make this arcade experience more exciting, while unique features add depth to the gameplay. Don’t miss out on fighting game legends, go get your apk right now!

Unlimited Mode

Unlimited Mode is a limit-free mode in which you can enjoy multiple games at one time. Play as much as you want and take advantage of the high score system to see how far you can get. You can also purchase coins to increase your points and score even faster! Enjoy this game without any worries, because there will be no limits for Unlimited Mode.

 Free & 100% Safe

The game has been tested against spyware, viruses, and ads by over 20 antivirus software including AVAST, AVG, Norton’s Security, and others. Tekken 4 apk download for android mobiles is an action-packed fighting game that offers you exciting fighting experiences. It is a perfect choice for all kinds of gamers, whether they are young or mature.

In this game, you can play as one of the most powerful ninjas and destroy the building to earn money. There are two modes so that you will have a choice between online or offline mode but you have to be careful because there are many traps and enemies nearby. The first option is simple but it’s difficult to earn medals, while the other one adds more levels and obstacles. Try them both!

Team Battle

tekken 4 apk free download

Team Battle lets you battle your friends, family, and players from around the world! Choose a team of three characters with unique yet balanced weapons, armor, and special moves to take on the challenge. Unlock new characters by upgrading your existing ones or collecting enough coins in Team Battle mode. You can play 1v1 against other players or with friends via local wireless multiplayer. Team Battle is a fun and challenging new way to play the card game. Build your ideal deck with cards from different series: or may win in the battle against other fighters!


Take control of Tekken 4 apk OBB augmented reality and improve your fighting skills! The game offers an immersive environment with various types of characters. You can enjoy great gameplay in 3D graphics, enemies will come at you from all directions as well as zombies who pop up everywhere. Death has invaded the castle of a powerful demon lord, Pandemonium. It is up to you to survive the onslaught in this magical world using your fists, swords, and magic.


Practice/Training is the best way to improve your skills. You can train in 3 different difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Train more than once so that you can be top of the global leaderboard! Practice and Training mode, where you can play against opponents offline or online.

You must train your fighters in various combat styles, such as an attack, block, and dodge. You’ll also need to learn about the different fighting styles of your opponents so you can counter them effectively. Each fighter has unique strengths and weaknesses as well as a unique move set that can be learned over time. Depending on the difficulty level, you might only face one opponent in a battle; on higher levels, however, you could face multiple opponents at once.

Taken Force

Destroy the enemy’s power with this Taken Force-powered game! Take Fate and make it your own with clever combos and unique characters. You can equip several powerful skills to activate at once and see quick results in the heat of battle. Join the war on crime and fight your way to justice in the most thrilling fighting game yet! Simplicity is the key to this game, which allows you to play with one hand on your phone. The graphics are simple and classic, there are many fun enemies and bosses.

How to Play Tekken 4 Apk

tekken 4 apk download for androids

Real Tekken 4 apk download is a game that one can play with his iPhone or iPad. The best thing about the game is that you can play it without installing any third-party app. This means that you can just download and play Tekken 4 on your iOS device without having to directly connect it to your PC. Even if you are new to Tekken, this is a free app that lets you play every single character, even online. The game is fast-paced and a lot of fun to play. You can play 1 vs 1 matches with friends or strangers online and even try the Story Mode battles to see how the story unfolds.


Tekken tag 4 Apk download Game is a fantastic fighting game from the series of Tekken, a fighting engine that allows you to use the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.

  • Play as your favorite Kenshin, including an all
  • A new mix of gameplay elements and more
  • Master skills and face off against challenging opponents
  • Explore Story Mode with new challenges and rivals to test your skills.

It’s a fighting game, where you have to fight against your friends and rivals. The karate moves are very useful in fighting.


Although it is a great game, there are some drawbacks. One drawback to the game is that it can be challenging, with high skill requirements and a lot of strategies required to win. So, if you don’t like to play games that require much strategy or tactical thinking then this is probably not for you.

Why Download Tekken 4 Apk

Tekken 4 Apk’s latest version is a great way to play the game on your android phone, you can play it anywhere where you have internet access and without any problem. Tekken 4 runs great on all smartphones so there is no compromise for any mobile device to run this game. This version of Tekken 4 takes up less space too.

Tekken 4 Apk is a popular game that many players like and play in their free time. It’s one of the most interesting games to be played every day. The player can get unlimited resources and money, which act as a bonus for winning scenarios. Moreover, the player can buy new units and trophies to fulfill their goal.

How to Download and Install Tekken 4 Apk

To download Tekken 4 Apk: Open your internet browser. Click on the link to download Tekken 4 (if you do not see any links then try refreshing). After downloading the apk file on your device follow the steps on your screen to install the game.


The game of the world is hot and Tekken 4 Apk is the best fighting game of this generation. We can enjoy the play time and many battle styles. There are many features in this game. You can enjoy these features to enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it free?

Yes, it’s free to download and play.

2. Do you need to link my phone number or social media account?

No! All you need is to run the apk file and enter your email address to get a link.

3. What languages is the game available in?

The game is available in English, Spanish, French, and German

4. If I want to go premium, how can I do that, please?

If you want to upgrade your game experience, you have numerous options for this at the time of purchasing: – You can subscribe for 6 months for $4 or buy a year-long subscription for $20.

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