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whatsapp plus apk latest version

Want to use WhatsApp plus apk 2021? The problem with WhatsApp is that it’s limited to the smartphone you installed it on, and you can’t use it at all times. If your phone broke or got stolen, you would have to buy a new one to get back into contact with family and friends.

What if there was an application that could help us keep in touch no matter what? An app that works on any device we own, whether laptop or desktop computer? This way, we wouldn’t have to worry about losing our data after upgrading our phones anymore.

WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of the famous messaging app for Android devices. It includes several new features such as voice calls over a WiFi connection (if both parties are using this software), group chats with up to 256 participants, sending pictures from your gallery, etc. It also allows users who don’t have access to the Google Play Store to download apps directly from their mobile browser!

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App NameWhatsApp Plus Apk
Size66 MB

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is a messaging application that was initially only for Android devices. This app allows users to add emojis, gifs, and pretty much anything that you can type on a keyboard into messages.

WhatsApp Plus blue had been working for some time without any problems, but then it got closed down by its developer after a while of being unavailable to download from Google Play Store. But I have good news, guys; you can download WhatsApp Plus easily nowadays.

However, there are many versions of WhatsApp Plus apk download 2021 available online. So it’s hard to pick which version of the app would work the best.

WhatsApp plus 2021 will allow you to get rid of all limits set by Whatsapp. It has several other features which you can get after rooting your android device. If you are looking for fm WhatsApp plus apk, then look no further because here is the latest version of WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Apk For Android, iOS

WhatsApp Plus APK is a sister app of WhatsApp. The only difference between the two is that WhatsApp Plus APK has more features and functionalities. Also, it comes with end-to-end encryption, which makes sure to protect your private conversations.

Get this fantastic WhatsApp alternative now! You must have heard about Telegram. It’s another messaging app similar to WhatsApp, but there are quite a lot of differences between them. Telegram allows text messages, photo sharing, media files, videos, emoji expressions, etcetera.

Whereas WhatsApp does not allow all this stuff. Sadly, enough to say, though, Telegram has no end-to-end encryption so your information can be accessed by anyone sitting on other devices as well. But, WhatsApp Plus APK is an excellent alternative to Telegram.

It comes with end-to-end encryption that protects your private conversations on the app. You can install this superb messenger offline as well, which means you don’t have to depend on an internet connection all the time.

The best part about WhatsApp Plus APK is that you can use GIFs for free! It’s not just limited to text messages but also media files of images and videos so that you can find anything here.

Why WhatsApp Plus?

You may think why anyone would want to use a third-party app offered by some developers when they already have access to the official version? Well, there are tons of reasons why someone would prefer WhatsApp Plus APK. Some of those include:

  • You can use it as a secondary WhatsApp account without cloning your phone number or internet connection.
  • It comes with lots of features and functionalities not found on the official version, such as media files, videos, and GIFs, etcetera.
  • Plus, you’ll get end-to-end encryption which keeps your information secure and private. And many more reasons like these?

WhatsApp has become the most used messaging service globally, and due to its popularity, Facebook has acquired it for a large amount of money. However, some people still think that. WhatsApp isn’t good enough or lacks features such as:

  • You can add more than one contact when starting a new chat.
  • Voice messages aren’t supported when using an Android device
  • It doesn’t let you know if someone is writing you even though they have read your Message
  • There’s no way to attach multiple pictures at once on your phone/tablet via WhatsApp Web/Desktop client.
  • Sometimes, multimedia files sent through WhatsApp don’t play appropriately on recipients’ devices.
  • If you have a contact with a long name, this name becomes short, and a small part appears on the top of the screen.
  • The app doesn’t let you change your status from ‘online’ to ‘busy’ or another status message.
  • WhatsApp automatically saves contacts from your device’s address book as soon as you start using it. You can’t block contacts or delete them from the WhatsApp server.

WhatsApp Plus APK 2021 Features

whatsapp plus download for android, iOS

  • Remove all kinds of ads entirely! No more “Last seen” on the main screen
  • Choose contact or conversation in Chats list to show last seen
  • Custom wallpaper in Chat Screen and Theme support (for Android 4.4+)
  • Remove the top and bottom borders in conversations (works with most themes)
  • Enable reply to group messages option
  • Mute conversation threads
  • WhatsApp Plus Info in Settings> About
  • Save received images to file system (Android 5.0+ required)
  • Hide/Show contact photos in conversations list based on tapped state

WhatsApp business plus apk download is the best alternative for Whatsapp. You can get all these features after rooting your android device in 2021.

Best Whatsapp Plus Features

If you’re wondering what exactly this mod contains, worry not – we’ve got you covered! There are plenty of features to show for it when using WhatsApp+ or WhatsApp Plus, but let’s go through our favorites:

Disable Read Receipts

Some people may take the fact that you know they saw your message as an act of aggression. Luckily, WhatsApp allows you to disable read receipts! The only downside is that everyone else sees when you open their messages (namely “Seen” statuses).

If this bothers you too much, use WhatsApp PLUS and turn off the Last status! That way, your contacts won’t see when you open their messages.

Hide Your Online Status

There are two sides to this online/offline status coin: some people want to be seen as ‘active’ while others would prefer not everyone, they chat with seeing their online status updates. As we mentioned before, WhatsApp PLUS offers the best of both worlds.

So, if you want to keep your friends from noticing when you log in and are active, turn off last seen statuses! This way, your contacts will only know that you’re using WhatsApp when they send a message or place a phone call.

Blocked Number Options

If someone is bothering you through WhatsApp, it’s time to put an end to it! There are several ways to go about this, but the easiest way is to head over to your Settings and Blocked Contacts list.

Here, you will add a ‘Blocked contacts’ section to view all blocked numbers at once! If you ever want to unblock someone, tap on their number and choose “Unblock Number.”

Remove Voice/Video Messages from Notification

WhatsApp Plus does a great job of keeping user notification preferences in mind. For example, you may not enjoy having voice or video messages play as soon as they come up if you’re busy doing something else – even if it’s an important message.

Luckily, WhatsApp PLUS allows you to turn off notifications for both options so that they never appear while using other apps through Android Marshmallow!

On top of all these great features, WhatsApp Plus comes jam-packed with several other options. So, it’ll be hard for you to find any reason not to download it! Several new languages are supported as well, including Arabic for right-to-left languages.

If you spot a bug within this app, don’t hesitate to report it and help make WhatsApp Plus even better than before! We only ask that you fill out the survey below if you leave us feedback or submit a bug via email. After all, we can’t fix anything if we don’t know what’s wrong in the first place.

Whatsapp Plus offers several features that might make you switch from the official Whatsapp app, which Facebook now manages. Whatsapp plus is one of the most utilized messaging apps for smartphones and tablets, allowing users to send complimentary text messages and multimedia files such as images and videos.

Media auto-download

it is possible to set an interval time (e.g., every 5 minutes) and select what type of files (images, videos, or audio) should be downloaded when you have a WIFI connection or mobile data.

Video call button – you will upgrade existing contact to video calls by adding a new button on the top of the contacts list. WhatsApp+ will ask for permissions, so users should accept it to work correctly.

Whatsapp plus apk features also allow you to show another name next to your profile picture, helpful if your Whatsapp+ version uses two accounts with different phone numbers. At this point, Whatsapp+ allows its users to hide their status and make it invisible for other WhatsApp users who are not in their Friend list, but this feature is not working correctly yet.

WhatsApp Plus Privacy Features?

whatsapp plus apk free download

WhatsApp Plus contains several privacy-enhancing features. The main one revolves around hiding your last seen status in WhatsApp, making it virtually impossible for other people to track you. If you are familiar with Instagram or Snapchat, then you already know how this works.

Other than that, the app lets you have more control over who sees what over time using new privacy settings. We will discuss these new settings in detail further along in this article. Let’s focus on the standard privacy enhancements before we move on!

Although it sounds too good to be true, your last seen status and the new privacy settings hide your online and offline time to a certain extent. However, it is also important to note that this mod does not modify the standard WhatsApp application interface in any way, which means that both versions of WhatsApp share the same code base and user database.

If you install WhatsApp Plus on your phone, ALL of your contacts will get updated to its latest version too! It can be helpful if they happen to receive messages from people who don’t have access to the newest version of ‘vanilla’ WhatsApp (that’s what we call apps without any additional features).

How Can I hack Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app that you can use to communicate with people from all around the world. However, the problem is that WhatsApp has no end-to-end encryption enabled by default which means a hacker can easily intercept a message on its way between sender and receiver.

If you want to protect your messages against any possible interception, then it’s highly recommended to enable end-to-end encryption, also known as two-way encryption between sender and receiver.

In addition, enabling 2FA (2-factor authentication) for your WhatsApp account will further secure your login as well as prevent attackers from hijacking your WhatsApp account. Another way of protecting yourself from instant message hacking is using WhatsApp Plus application.

The WhatsApp Plus app is a modified version of the original WhatsApp messenger that allows you to add various features and functionalities that aren’t part of the stock version of this instant messaging service.

How can I make my WhatsApp secure?

Firstly, update your Whatsapp messenger to the latest version. Select Settings from the menu and then click on the Help option. Now a help window will open; select the update option under it. Whatsapp will automatically check for updates now click on Update Button again after updating.

It is a one-time process but very important as it helps in protecting from hackers. Whatsapp is insecure as they do not encrypt messages by default, which means anyone who can intercept the traffic between you and the person you are talking to can read your messages. Another concern is that WhatsApp saves your chat history on their servers, allowing them to create a database of everyone’s private information.

Even if they can’t access it today because of changes in laws or other rules, the information will be available. Have you never heard about Whatsapp Plus?. It won’t allow any unauthorized person to read your messages like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus allows encrypting personal and group chats using Open Whisper Systems protocols
(Signal Protocol) by default. Other features include banning statuses, changing
themes, and much more.

How To Download and Install Whatsapp Plus?

Messaging services have evolved over the years, but WhatsApp is still one of the best apps on Android and iOS. It lets you send complimentary messages to your friends and family on the internet – and even make voice and video calls for free!

But wait:

There’s more than just messaging. You can also share multimedia files easily, change the text size, set a new wallpaper for your chat window, and much more.

All these extra features make WhatsApp Plus so popular both among long-time users of WhatsApp and those trying it out for the first time. Since its release back in 2016, WhatsApp Plus has been able to carve out a dedicated fan following that continues to grow by the day.

And if you’re one of them, here’s how to download WhatsApp Plus for your Android device. If you’ve ever used the regular version of WhatsApp before, then WhatsApp Plus won’t be anything new to you. It has all the available features on the standard version but comes with a couple of extras to please advanced users.

So, if you’re thinking about exploring what more you can do with WhatsApp on your phone, don’t forget to check out WhatsApp Plus along the way! To download and install Whatsapp plus on any android phone or tablet is very easy. You have just followed some simple steps below:

  1. Open play store
  2. In search type WhatsApp plus
  3. then press the install button
  4. A new screen will appear with downloading WhatsApp plus
  5. After some time, the download will complete, and automatically it will be installed. How to use Whatsapp Plus?

What’s new in the latest version of WhatsApp Plus 2021?

Are you a WhatsApp user? Have you ever experienced the feeling of regret that you probably should do something or get something back for your precious time or money invested into this app? Well, then it’s time to try WhatsApp Plus 2021.

The latest version offers great functions which are not available in the regular official Whatsapp App. It helps users to customize their chat UI according to their taste and style.

You can modify the color of chat backgrounds, chat text font colors of any contact on your android phone running 5.0 Lollipop, 6.0 marshmallow & 7.0 nougat versions by following some simple steps mentioned below:

After download, it clicks the OK button and installs it like other third-party apps. After successful installation, launches the app and go to the settings option.

Configure the settings for contacts colors, Popup notifications & Folders backgrounds from the “Appearance” section. For fetching Whatsapp Plus updates, visit Whatsapp plus on google plus or download WhatsApp Plus from the Google play store.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK Safe?

There is always something that sounds too good to be true in the world of Android. A new WhatsApp+ APK has been making quite some noise on XDA and various other sites, but does it deserve your curiosity?

WhatsApp Plus is available for free on Google Play, so why would you want to download an inferior copy of the app with additional advertising? WhatsApp Plus claims to offer enhanced privacy features, so let’s analyze what’s behind these bold words.

Let’s put things straight; WhatsApp Plus is nothing more than a modded version of the original WhatsApp application. It uses the same data connection as your standard WhatsApp installation.

Meaning that none of your personal information or messages are stored locally on your (or at least they shouldn’t be). Before you go ahead and start spamming your friends with the latest version of WhatsApp, let’s see what this mod is about.

WhatsApp Plus: Is It Safe?

When it comes down to malware and viruses, most people think that all APKs found on third-party sources are inherently dangerous, but this isn’t the case. Malicious applications can only be harmful if they were designed to harm your phone.

We can therefore say that not all apps available online are a threat to your device. There is an essential distinction between malware and virus: malware is a general term for any software that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, whether malicious or not.

Viruses traditionally refer to programs that infect other code by modifying them without permission and adding destructive routines (i.e., deleting files). Therefore, 99% of APKs you download from websites such as apkmirror.com will never contain viruses, regardless of their quality!

The best way to determine whether an APK is safe to install or not is by checking its developer. Does the name ring a bell? If not, don’t even bother installing it! It’s that simple.

Free vs. Paid WhatsApp Plus: Is There A Difference?

Although you will find several versions of WhatsApp Plus online, only two of them contain additional features for your messaging experience: WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp+.

You can find the free version on Google Play, but it contains advertisements and in-app purchases (you can remove ads with an in-app purchase).  The modded APKs you download from unofficial sources such as our very own XDA Labs are NOT endorsed by WhatsApp Inc., so proceed at your own risk!

As we mentioned earlier, the original WhatsApp application is free to download and use. The same goes for WhatsApp Plus. There are no hidden costs involved with either version of the mod, so there should be no difference between these two others than the ads in the free version.

What About the Messages Database?

After digging around, we found out that all WhatsApp Plus updates receive their code directly from WhatsApp’s website! It means that you can rest easy knowing that your messages database isn’t in jeopardy while using this app.

Furthermore, both versions share the same user base since they come from the same source! Although it may sound too good to be accurate at first, it makes sense when thinking about it: one APK cannot exist without another one existing too! Therefore, even if you uninstall WhatsApp Plus right now, your messages database will remain safe on the server!

WhatsApp Privacy Settings

If you decide whether or not to use this mod, the most important thing to consider is its privacy settings. To put it: there are none! The standard version of WhatsApp always made sure to stay out of people’s way regarding their online time and status concealment.

But that changed once they introduced ‘Last Seen’ status in late-2014. This feature allowed users to see online statuses for other contacts between 7 and 8 seconds after receiving a message. If someone was offline, WhatsApp showed a “seen” message when a recipient opened a sent message.

It didn’t matter whether they were the only ones on the other end or not. With WhatsApp Plus, however, you get to choose how quickly your online status is displayed!

If you’re worried that someone may be stalking you while using this app, turn ‘Last Seen’ off or set it to a higher number of seconds before your contacts can see your online status.

However, keep in mind that offline status is NOT shown by default. As long as no message has been sent to you, WhatsApp will guide you as ‘offline. The same goes for calling: offline statuses are still being used for now.

It means that anyone who sends an audio message through WhatsApp PLUS won’t even see whether their contact is online or not! On top of that, the ‘online’ status will be set by default in WhatsApp PLUS.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk for Android, iOS

Download WhatsApp Plus APK right now and avoid using different apps for social networking kinds of stuff. All you have to do is click on the download button below to start downloading the app on your Android devices (smartphones). And don’t forget that it’s 100% free so enjoy!


If you’re looking for a new messaging app that will keep your conversations private, try installing WhatsApp Plus APK. You can download it now and enjoy the benefits of this great innovation in Android apps.

The best part is that it’s not necessary to create an account as well because all messages are sent through the same servers. It also has a secure platform where no one but you and those who have been given permission can access them.

It means if someone else gets hold of your device and installs the program on their phone (or tablet), they won’t be able to read any message without your password! We hope this article helped make up your mind about whether or not to install this WhatsApp plus apk on your android device.

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